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We’ve been over the moon with the demand we had in our most recent restock. We’re delighted that so many of you are so excited to share in our love for these showgirls! We have been reading all of your comments and wanted to send out this message to address some points that have been brought up.

First, inventory and when it will be available -

We want to tell everyone that pieces being made available online will become a more frequent thing! We were struggling to keep up inventory with the multiple Curiosities and Oddities shows we vended at this spring. We sold out at most of the ones we attended and had only a few weeks to make more before the next show. We are getting caught up and plan to have monthly online batches. Announcements will be made for the next one.

The next Curiosities and Oddities Expo we will be at will be in Austin Texas on June 18th. You’ll have the pick of the litter if you come early as we plan to have many available for that show. The next show we will be at will be the Denver Colorado show on October 1st.

Second, online ordering -

With the boom, we have noticed a blind spot in our ordering process related to multiple pieces in one order. Our supply is so limited since we’re such a small business that we can no longer permit ordering more than one piece at at time online, as we feel it’s unfair for others that are interested in owning their own piece.

We have also been getting more requests from other businesses to resell our pieces. While we’re touched that they want to share in our business we do not want to have our products resold at a marked up price from what we are offering them at. As such, we’re asking for a strict “no direct to resale” policy on our pieces. If you see stores with our pieces for sale, please let us know so that we can address it.

There isn’t anything we can do about a piece being saved in your cart till you finish your order. We are so sorry but we aren’t web designers and just don’t have the means or resources to resolve that. Our best solution is just to have more available online which is what we will be doing!

There has been a lot of mention of waitlists. We can’t figure out how we would put something like that together for several reasons. 1, our website hosting platform doesn’t have that. 2, we don’t want to take time that we could be spending making more showgirls trying to create one. And 3, with the uniqueness of each piece we think there would be a lot of issues matching up whoever is next in line with what is next in availability. Again, our best solution is simply to have more available which is what we are hard at work doing!

We could not possibly be more thrilled with all of the love our fabulous little ladies are getting. We appreciate all of you so very much and are working around the clock to make sure that you all get a chance at making one of these amazing pieces yours!


The Gals at Showtime Taxidermy



What started as a “what if” on craft night has quickly evolved into a passion that we’re excited to share with lovers of the fun, quirky, and bizarre.

Each of our pieces are completely unique and handmade with care and attention to detail. Our site is a family run and female owned business, and we are continually evolving and changing our products, so keep an eye out for more to come!

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