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  • Where do you source your animals?
    We buy our animals whole and frozen from breeders that supply feed for carnivores.
  • When will your next sale be?
    Most of our inventory is available at the Oddities and Curiosities Expo's that we vend at (We do not attend all O&C events). When we have enough inventory for an online sale we will make many announcements beforehand of our scheduled drop date on our newsletter and social media pages. We do intend to have a large online sale in the fall for the Christmas season.
  • Which Oddities and Curiosities Expos will you be at?
    We are scheduled to attend the following events for 2023: New Orleans, LA - 6/10 Austin, TX - 6/17 Richmond, VA - 8/12 & 8/13 Denver, CO - 10/7
  • Do you taxidermy other animals?
    We mostly do the rat taxidermy but on occasion do other animals such as squirrels or rabbits. Those are only ever available at the Oddities and Curiosities Expos that we vend at.
  • How much does your work cost?
    Our rat showgirls are priced between $185 - $200 each which includes free shipping with our online sales.
  • Can I be put on a waitlist for your future sales?
    Sorry, but we do not have a waitlist.
  • Do you offer custom orders?
    No, we do not have the availability to offer custom orders.
  • Where do I buy one of your items?
    When we post new inventory online for sale it will be available at our Etsy page at
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